Data Equity Report: Challenges Lessons and Implications From Collecting Social Identity Data   

ideniy daa (SI)informaion on social idenifiers such as age, gender, Indigenous ideniy, place of birh, race, or sexual orienaionis increasingly recognized as a criical ool for advancing more equiable oucomes in he ...资源/data-equity-report-challenges-lessons-and-implications-from-collecting-social-identity-data/


A Bridge to Universal Healthcare – The Benefits of Ontario’s Program to Make Hospital Care Accessible to All Residents of the Province  

March 2020, in response o he COVI-19 pandemic, he Onario Minisry of Healh (MOH) issued a direcive o exend funding for all medically necessary hospial care o residens wihou healh insurance. An ...资源/report-a-bridge-to-universal-healthcare-the-benefits-of-ontarios-program-to-make-hospital-care-accessible-to-all-residents-of-the-province/

报告 健康与福祉