Turkey/Syria Earthquake Response & Resources

The InterLIP teams would like to collectively state our grief about the situation in Turkey and Syria after the devastating earthquake earlier this week. These communities, newcomers from these regions, and their families and friends, are in the midst of unspeakable loss. The Toronto InterLIP teams would like to express our deepest sympathies for everyone affected. Earlier this week, Mayor Tory made a statement and held a moment of silence at Council, which can be viewed here (time stamp 4:45:25).

The Toronto Newcomer Office (TNO) has requested a call-out to see if there are any community initiatives happening across Toronto among our LIP Partners, to support the response to this situation. The Toronto Newcomer Office (TNO) is working to assemble a list of locally based organizations collecting donations for relief efforts in Turkey/Syria.

Here are a few of the initiatives already flagged:

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