Toronto Newcomer Day 2023

Toronto Newcomer Day 2023 was held on May 25 this year, hosting a vibrant celebration of diversity, uniting newcomers and long-standing residents through cultural showcases, interactive activities, information fair, and various other activities to engage newcomers to Toronto. Over 80 exhibitors were present this year and provided aid and assistance to newcomers, covering areas such as accessibility supports, arts and cultural awareness, education, children and youth services, employment counseling, training, and support services for shelter and housing. Additionally, a citizenship ceremony welcomed 40 new Canadians into the community. The event exemplified Toronto’s commitment to inclusivity, embracing newcomers while providing essential resources to support their settlement and integration journey. The event exemplified Toronto’s commitment to inclusivity, fostering meaningful connections and friendships, and leaving a lasting sense of hope for the city’s multicultural future. Additionally, the event also featured a marketplace which showcased various newcomer artists, and newcomer food vendors, the coordination of which TNLIP supported this year.

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