TNLIP Networks

The Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership is a part of many networks in our region. Keep reading to learn more!

Flemingdon-Thorncliffe InterAgency Network

FTIAN is composed of public-sector, non-profit agencies, and resident-led groups in the Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park neighborhoods. The purpose of Flemingdon Thorncliffe Inter-Agency Network (FTIAN) is to encourage members to engage in cross-sectoral collaboration, information exchange, and partnerships that support Flemingdon and Thorncliffe communities’ growing needs. TNLIP is involved in the FTIAN General network, Flemingdon-Thorncliffe Food Security Network (FTFSN), FTIAN Health Subcommittee, and FTIAN Governance Subcommittee.

Health Network for the Uninsured

The Health Network for Uninsured Clients (HNUC) is a network of over 70 health and community service organizations and individuals who have been working together for 16 years to improve access to healthcare for people living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) without public health insurance (OHIP).

NYCC General, NYCC Health, and NYCC Housing

The North York Community Cluster is a collection of community organizations and stakeholders in the North York region of Toronto. This cluster is part of the Community Coordination Plan, which aims to coordinate and collaborate with various organizations to address the needs of the community. The North York Cluster is facilitated by City of Toronto staff and United Way Greater Toronto staff, who work together to convene leaders from local organizations in virtual meetings. These meetings focus on addressing real-time issues, identifying emerging needs, and finding solutions to support the North York community. TNLIP is an active participant in North York Clusters partnership table and their initiatives including being part of the general network, the Mental Health and Equity Work Group, and the Housing Work Group. TNLIP also Co-Chairs the Cluster’s Mental Health and Equity Work Group along in collaboration with Willowdale Community Legal Services.

Women Against Violence Action Group

The Women Against Violence Action Group (WAVAG) is an InterLIP initiative by the Toronto West LIP (TWLIP), focusing on addressing issues related to gender based violence. WAVAG works towards raising awareness, advocating for policies and programs that prevent and respond to violence against wome. WAVAG aims to create a safer and more inclusive community for immigrant and refugee women in the Toronto West area by collaborating with local organizations and coordinating efforts to address this issue. TNLIP is an active member of WAVAG.

Fairview InterAgency Network (FIN)

The Fairview Interagency Network (FIN) is a collaborative network of agencies, organizations, and stakeholders based in the Fairview community in North York. The FIN network brings together representatives from various sectors such as education, healthcare, social services, community organizations, and local government to foster collaboration, information sharing, and coordination of services. By working together, FIN aims to improve the delivery of services, identify gaps or areas of need, and develop strategies to enhance the quality of life for residents of Fairview. TNLIP is an Active member of FIN.

Systemic Issues (Toronto South LIP)

Systemic Issues is a city-wide Working Group with a mandate to collaboratively address broader systemic issues affecting newcomers across Toronto. This group is a collaboration of LIP and immigrant serving agency staff across the city of Toronto and is facilitated by the Toronto South LIP. The systemic issues and social change Working Group also works with staff and members of other Working Groups to provide advice and feedback on Toronto South LIP research projects. TNLIP is an active member of SIS.

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