Immigrants Leaving Canada in Growing Numbers

A new report from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), The Leaky Bucket, finds that growing numbers of immigrants to Canada are deciding to leave rather than stay. The report, produced for the ICC by the Conference Board of Canada, finds onward migration, immigrants leaving Canada, has been increasing slowly for decades, but suddenly surged in 2017 and 2019 — the most recent period of available data. The report also finds the risk of onward migration is particularly high between years four and seven following arrival in Canada.

“As Canada relies more and more on immigrants to fill acute shortages in key sectors like housing and healthcare, our ability to retain them is becoming a matter of vital national interest,” said Daniel Bernhard, CEO of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Simply put, if Canada cannot deliver for newcomers and help them become Canadian in their passports and in their hearts, we may soon be discussing our prosperity in the past tense.” (read more).

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