Newcomer Community Action and Advisory Table (NCAT)

The TNLIP Newcomer Community Action and Advisory Table is a community table and network where newcomers in North York work together on pressing issues related to the settlement integration of newcomers into the community. There are currently 8 active NCAT members from a varying range of cultures and age groups. This year, NCAT will take on flexible advisory roles with occasional professional development trainings. The table will be used as a tool to advise on the strategic direction of TNLIP activities. Advisory initiatives for the NCAT include equity, diversity and inclusion in employment navigation, testing TNLIP’s NewTO app, housing and mental health related focus groups, as well as general meetings on emerging trends. NCAT members are also empowered to take action on issues that matter to them most. Members are provided with an honorarium for their participation.

In 2022, TNLIP collaborated with Toronto Public Library to facilitate two Innovative Design Thinking and Research Methods trainings with the NCAT table. This supported members to take on greater advocacy and action-oriented roles for issues in the community that are important to them.

TNLIP will continue to support, coordinate, and initiate relevant skills training for NCAT members to build their capacity. The NCAT initiative also aims to create a collaborative space and work to combat social isolation members may face when first arriving. The impact of this table is wide reaching as it allows the settlement sector to hear the perspective of newcomers on the receiving end of services. This is advantageous for adapting organizational strategies to be more effective in helping newcomers settle.

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