Lunch & Learn: Current and Future Trends in Manufacturing

Hosted on March 26, 2024, by the dedicated teams at Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership and Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership, this session was crafted for newcomer service professionals aiding newcomers in their journey towards meaningful employment in Toronto’s vibrant manufacturing sector.

Insightful Analysis: An in-depth look at the past, present, and future trends shaping the manufacturing industry, focusing on the dynamic shift towards electric vehicles and sustainable practices.

Empowering Knowledge: Practical advice for newcomers eager to navigate the manufacturing sector, including the types of skills in demand and the landscape of job opportunities.

Gender and Diversity: A critical exploration of gender distribution, accessibility, and the actionable steps we can take to enhance diversity and equity within the manufacturing workforce.

Engaging Discussions: Thought-provoking Q&A with our guest speakers, Bassel Kazzaz (FOCAL/APRC) and Sabita Ramlal (FOCAL/Prism), facilitated by Sarwar Mustofa, Farheen Meraj, and Srna Stambuk covering everything from training and skills development to tackling the language barriers and ensuring equitable opportunities for all.

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