Combating Anti-Asian Racism in the Front Lines: Tools, Strategies, and Discussions

TNLIP, with our Health & Wellbeing partner, Hong Fook Mental Health Association, organized the virtual event “Combating Anti-Asian Racism in the Front Lines: Tools, Strategies, and Discussions” on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. This 2-hour information session encompassed the topic of health, mental health, and EDI in relation to the Asian community and the challenges of discrimination and racism encountered by Asian frontline workers during the pandemic. It was conducted by Maria Lo, Training Coordinator from Hong Fook, who spoke about the expressions of Anti-Asian racism in the historical and present context, shared statistics on the prevalence of Anti-Asian racism in Canada during the pre and post-COVID era, and ways to engage in action against racism both personally and systemically. 60 participants attended the forum and positive feedback was received overall for the event. TNLIP plans to do further work on this topic in their upcoming Mental Health task group activities. A recording of the session is available on the TNLIP YouTube page.

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