Canada’s Caregiver Program and Its Impact on Family Reunification and Family Relationships (Filipino Families)  

Norh Local Immigraion Parnership (TNLIP), in collaboraion wih he Norh York Communiy House (NYCH), hosed his webinar focusing on he unique experiences of (Live-in) Caregivers in Canada under he Caregiver Program, and ...자원/canadas-caregiver-program-and-its-impact-on-family-reunification-and-family-relationships-filipino-families/

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난민 신청자 지원에 관한 전문가 패널: 고용에 대한 공평한 접근을 위한 격차와 자원  

April 8h, Torono Norh Local Immigraion Parnership (TNLIP) is organizing an exper panel aimed a discussing how we can enhance he access o employmen and labour marke for refugee claimans.  Our members (service providers) are experiencing an unprecedened ...자원/난민-신청자의-격차와-고용에-대한-공평한-접근을-위/

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Facilitating Culturally Appropriate Conversations With Families of Children With Disabilities Part 1  

TNLIP and SAAAC Auism Cenre hosed Par 1 of a 2-par webinar series on Tuesday May 30h, 2023. The heme of his webinar was "How o Faciliae Culurally Appropriae Conversaions: When Talking ...자원/facilitating-culturally-appropriate-conversations-with-families-of-children-with-disabilities-part-1/

웨비나 건강 및 웰빙
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