Uncovering disparities: Temporary protection schemes in response to the Ukraine crisis  

ongoing conflic in Ukraine has led o a significan displacemen crisis. In response, counries worldwide have implemened emporary proecion schemes, providing legal saus, humaniarian assisance and cerain righs o displaced persons. Beyond ...



Accessibility of Gynecological Healthcare Services in Canada Under Immigration Policies  

sudy examines he accessibiliy of gynecological healhcare services for immigran women in Canada and explores he impac of immigraion policies on heir healhcare access. Wih a diverse immigran populaion, Canadas healhcare sysem ...



대부분의 캐나다인들은 임시 외국인 근로자가 캐나다 경제에 중요하거나 어느 정도 중요하다는 데 동의합니다(Globe/Nanos).  

srong majoriy of Canadians say emporary foreign workers are imporan (48%) or somewha imporan (34%) o Canadas economy. Older Canadians (55 plus) are more likely o say emporary foreign workers are imporan ...


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캐나다의 인구는 얼마나 증가할 것인가? 아무도 모르지만 그것이 어디로 가는지는 예측할 수 있습니다  

Randall Barle, Senior irecor of Canadian Economics The populaion projecion is foundaional o Canadas economic oulook, as is made up of he consumers and workers who will drive fuure economic aciviy and governmen ...


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