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Il programma canadese per gli assistenti sanitari e il suo impatto sul ricongiungimento familiare e sui rapporti familiari (famiglie filippine)

Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP), in collaboration with the North York Community House (NYCH), hosted this webinar focusing on the unique experiences of (Live-in) Caregivers in Canada under the Caregiver Program, and the challenges families from the Filipino Community encounter, particularly regarding family separation, reunification, and managing family relations. Our speaker and Host of the Mom, Let’s Talk Podcast, Ella Tan from NYCH, she shed light on how years of separation can lead to various long-term impacts and how you can support. This webinar explored themes of Settlement, the Immigration System, Youth Mental Health, & Multi-Generational Family Dynamics.

Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

This webinar explored:

– An overview of Canada’s (Live-in) Caregiver Program – Identify the various challenges faced by (Live-in) Caregivers

– Gain knowledge on Filipino Youth and their Mental Health

– Engage in discussion on the importance of support systems and community resources

– Find out how you can support as a Service Provider

Speaker: Ella Tan, Employment and Family Support Worker (North York Community House) Ella Tan is an Employment and Family Support Worker with years of experience at North York Community House. In the past 10 years she has supported newcomers to Canada providing direct support in the frontlines, while holding a position on the advisory council for the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence, a non -profit organization that support caregivers and care providers and advocates for an effective social policy. She recently hosted and curated a panel discussion at the National Caregiving Summit in Ottawa to examine the vulnerability of Care providers and explore policy solutions. Ella is leveraging her expertise as a co-host of a podcast “Mom, Let’s Talk” aimed at Filipino youth and mothers, fostering crucial conversations on family reunification and the challenges faced by immigrant Filipino Women Care Providers in their pursuit of meaningful employment. She was a recipient of the Quincentennial Award from the Philippine Consular General for her work dedicated to Filipino families.

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