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Our team is composed of knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate leaders who work alongside our members to achieve TNLIP strategic objectives.

Srna Stambuk – TNLIP Manager

Srna Stambuk joined the TNLIP team in October 2022 as a Coordinator of Employment and Labour Market Workgroup and as a Manager in August 2023. Srna is a veteran of employment services in Toronto with 20-year history of supporting newcomers and internationally trained professionals to relaunch their careers in Canada. Srna is a passionate advocate for newcomer employment success and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experiences working with variety of stakeholders in a wide array of programs – from pre-employment to bridging programs. Srna brings a big picture lens to her work and is always looking to understand the root causes and connections among issues affecting newcomer employment.


Isabella Yan – Coordinator, Settlement and Language

Isabella Yan currently works as the Settlement & Language Workgroup Coordinator of Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP) housed at Working Women Community Centre (WWCC). She has been with TNLIP and WWCC since August 2018. Before joining TNLIP, she has been supporting and facilitating newcomer integration through various newcomer programs such as ISAP, SWIS, JSW, New Horizons, CC and more at newcomer settlement organizations across GTA. She is past Co-Chair of Fairview Interagency Network (FIN). As an immigrant woman with ten years of prior working experience in the post-secondary institution from Beijing China, she is very passionate about her work in the human services sector, particularly immigrant empowerment and community development. She holds M.Ed. in Adult Education and Community Development from University of Toronto. 

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Farheen Meraj – Coordinator, Employment & Labour Market

Farheen Meraj is the Coordinator for Employment & Labour Market Work Group for TNLIP at JVS Toronto. A newcomer herself, Farheen earned an MA in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, India, and later worked as a Researcher at the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). Her independent research focused on the psychosocial effects of COVID-19 lockdown on diverse populations in India, particularly, domestic migrant workers. After moving to Canada, she pursued an MA in Research for Policy and Evaluation (MRPE) at Western University. At World Education Services (WES), her focus was on refugee labour market integration, including a co-design program for building social capital. Outside work, she is trained in Muay Thai, enjoys karaoke, dancing, and exploring GTA with friends. She is putting efforts into creating YouTube videos to make research in Psychology more accessible for Hindi/Urdu-speakers.


Astha Priya – Coordinator, Technology and Community Development

Astha Priya is currently the Technology and Community Development Coordinator at the Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP) and is housed at Working Women Community Centre (WWCC). She has a Bachelor of Science, with a minor in international development, and a Masters in Sustainability Management from the University of Waterloo. She has 5+ years experience working in the sustainable development sector. Astha’s previous experience includes working in sustainability and mental health research, specializing in systems change for public health & housing policies, as well as international partnership building to further the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries. She is passionate about creative, innovative problem-solving to support increased availability of and access to services for those in need. She hopes to continue working hard to ensure a better livelihood for all. In her spare time, Astha enjoys a good cup of tea and travelling this beautiful world!

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Rachelle Molto – Coordinator, Research & Communications

Rachelle Molto is the Research & Communications Coordinator with the TNLIP. Rachelle previously worked as a Research Assistant with the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy program with JVS Toronto. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in International Development from the University of Waterloo with a practice specialization. She has recently completed her second degree in Social Work from the University of Waterloo. Rachelle has worked with SHORE Centre in Kitchener promoting sexual health education and advocating for improved access to sexual healthcare services. She has spent time living and working in Malawi, Africa, where she was involved in youth empowerment programs and sexual health projects. In her spare time, Rachelle enjoys creating art and being in nature.


Misha Hossain – Coordinator, Health & Wellbeing

Misha Hossain is currently the Health & Wellbeing Coordinator at the Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP), housed at TNLIP’s host agency, TNO-The Neighbourhood Organization. Prior to joining her role with TNLIP in May 2022, Misha dedicated almost 10 years of her career serving newcomers in North York, in various roles in the Settlement and Employment department at TNO. Along with Settlement based experience, Misha brings with her a wealth of knowledge in population health and health policy through her education in Health Studies at the University of Toronto. Misha is passionate about advocating for newcomer issues, human rights, and the compassionate service delivery model. Misha has been a resident of North York for over 17 years and continues to serve the community in which she resides.

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