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This newsflash includes articles and resources on the following topics:
1. Investment fraud tops concerning list. There are many ways a fraudster might try to lure you into investing. Take a look at 8 common investment scams.
2. Crypto caution. Many investment scams involve crypto assets. Maybe you saw a video promising you’ll get rich quick if you invest. And then you contact the company, and they promise big returns with little risk. And perhaps after you invested, you get sent money as a proof of the great returns. And so, you invest even more money. But later, when you try to take money out, you can’t. Your money is gone. Find out more about crypto investment scams and how to avoid them.
3. Spring cleaning your investment portfolio. It’s officially spring, a nice time to enjoy longer days and flowering bulbs. It can also be a timely season to review your investing accounts. It’s a good idea to be aware of the fees you’re paying. You should also know what to look for on your account statements. And check out these tips for spring cleaning your portfolio.
4. Taxing times. The deadline for individual Canadians to file their personal income taxes is April 30. If you’re eligible for a refund, the sooner you file, the sooner you’ll be able to access your refund. Learn more about how to file taxes. And remember, not filing your taxes or filing late can come at a cost. Check out how to avoid tax penalties and fees.
5. OSC Dialogue 2024. The Ontario Securities Commission’s signature annual conference convenes business leaders, senior regulators, and international policy experts. OSC Dialogue 2024: Inviting, thriving and secure capital markets takes place on May 22, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The conference will open with remarks by Ontario’s Minister of Finance, the Honourable Peter Bethlenfalvy and feature keynote presentations by American Theoretical Neuroscientist and Entrepreneur, Dr. Vivienne Ming, and Erik Thedéen, Governor and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Riksbank (Sweden’s central bank).
6. Double trouble: getting conned twice. Anyone can get taken in by a fraudster. There are many ways a fraudster might approach you. They are experts at manipulation. And unfortunately, fraudsters sell their list of victims to other criminals. These secondary scammers promise they can help victims get their money back from the original scammer, only to take even more of the victim’s money.
7. Saving for short-term goals. Planning a wedding or vacation? If you’re setting aside money for a short-term goal, remember you can save or invest, or both, to reach it. Take a look at tips about financial products that could help you meet your short-term goals.
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