Settlement & Language

Organizations across Toronto North work together to create communities in which newcomers are warmly welcomed and quickly connected with the resources and services they need to overcome barriers to integration.

Key issues we see


Language and English as a Second Language

Language learning supports are often inaccessible to newcomers who experience multiple barriers, such as those related to caring for children, disabilities, and health.



Finding housing is increasingly more challenging for newcomers, with many staying in temporary housing or emergency shelters. Suitable and affordable housing is becoming more inaccessible.


System Navigation

Many newcomers struggle to navigate Toronto’s complex social assistance infrastructure and access services. With language and mobility already a barrier, newcomers often seek support to access timely social support.



Many newcomers fall through the cracks of existing service infrastructure due to particular barriers such as a lack of access to ESL learning services and to Francophone services. Others experience additional barriers related to age, race, or LGBTQIA+ identity.


Canadian Culture

Many newcomers struggle with a cultural gap between Canada and their country of origin. Opportunities to enhance relations between newcomers and those born in Canada are often lacking.


In Toronto North, the most common first languages among newcomers are Mandarin, Farsi, Tagalog, and Cantonese.

Key Action Areas

Service Coordination

Identify gaps in service provision for newcomers and facilitate linkages between service providers such as those offering faith, Francophone, and senior services.

Research and Advocacy

Identify resources and service gaps for newcomers, including those related to housing, seniors, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and Francophone individuals.

Knowledge Sharing

Identify and share best practices to foster welcoming communities.

Capacity Building

Facilitate connections between service provider organizations and other stakeholders, and find pathways to support equitable service delivery.

Systems Change

Inform policy and systems change by actively participating in local and regional conversations on changes to service delivery access.

Contact Us

Astha Priya – Coordinator, Settlement & Language
416-494-7978 x 425

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