Health & Wellbeing

Toronto North service providers support and inform the health care system to be holistic, responsive, culturally sensitive, and attuned to the unique barriers faced by newcomers.

Key issues


System Navigation

For many, navigating Ontario’s health system is an administrative, linguistic, and geographic challenge. This is especially hard for those seeking help on behalf of family members who may be seniors or children.


Mental Health

Isolation, stress, and trauma disproportionately affect newcomer communities. These issues are exacerbated by stigma, lack of access to information, and language gaps, and are especially challenging for those with complex health needs.


Culturally Appropriate Care

Newcomers often feel a gap between healthcare experiences in Canada and their countries of origin. Building understanding for both healthcare providers and newcomers will increase the efficacy of service provision.


Gender-Related Health

Many newcomers experience gender specific health challenges. Service providers have a unique responsibility to sensitively address issues relating to domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, gender roles, sexual health, family dynamics, and individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+.


Social Determinants of Health

The health of individuals and families are influenced by various social and economic factors. We understand that achieving good health requires that healthcare providers integrate their services within a wider set of social supports, especially food and shelter.


More than half of Toronto North’s population originates from outside of Canada, making it a very culturally diverse region.

Key Action Areas

Service Coordination

Enhance cross-agency referrals as well as offer information and connection opportunities for members, healthcare providers, and grassroots organizations.

Research and Advocacy

Identify gaps in current service provision and support existing networks engaging in advocacy.

Knowledge Sharing

Share and develop resources to provide agencies with comprehensive and up to date information on health care services.

Capacity Building

Increase the ability of healthcare providers to provide holistic and culturally appropriate services to newcomers. Attention should be paid to the multiple barriers to service access that many individuals experience, such as those who have a disability, experience mental health concerns, identify as LGBTQIA+, have or are currently experiencing domestic violence, or who are uninsured newcomers.

Systems Change

Remain integrated in networks and focus on systemic issues to support a structure which can inform policy and systems change.

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Misha Hossain – Health & Wellbeing Coordinator
416-424-2900 ext. 2206

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