Employment & Labour Market

We support the diverse needs of newcomers at every step of the employment pathway, ensuring better economic integration for immigrants.

Key issues



There is a disconnection between understanding labour market trends and having the necessary complementary skills to access employment. Newcomers face many barriers to employment, including language and technology access.



Many newcomers are unable to find employment that makes use of their professional training and experience. This can be caused by many factors, such as issues with accreditation, a lack of Canadian recognition of certifications and professional licences obtained outside Canada, or a lack of Canadian experience.



Many newcomers report unfair treatment based on their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or immigration status in Canada. This occurs across the employment process, from application to professional advancement.



Jobs are increasingly precarious, offering contract, part-time, or temporary work for low pay. Entry level options are limited, especially for those without Canadian credentials or experience. Newcomer service agencies want to do more networking with employers, but struggle to make connections.


Immigration accounts for almost 100% of Canada’s labour force growth

Key Action Areas

Service Coordination

Integrate service provision to facilitate support for job-seekers at every point in their employment journey. We prioritize streamlining various services such as pre-arrival to Canada services, mentorship, networking, childcare, and interpretation.

Research and Advocacy

Identify access issues in employment pathways, and explore alternative options for newcomers to obtain meaningful and sustainable employment.

Knowledge Sharing

Build internal capacity to discover and share newcomer employment-related information and resources across networks.

Capacity Building

Work in collaboration across agencies to design and deliver creative pathways to employment opportunities.

Systems Change

Inform policy and systems change by facilitating conversations and relationships which increase equity for newcomers facing multiple barriers to employment.

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Srna Stambuk – Employment & Labour Market Coordinator

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