Shaping the Future of Work in Canada: Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

This public opinion research helped build understanding of key needs and expectations among workers emerging as a result of the experience of working through the pandemic.  The research explored the extent of economic and job quality inequities between those who had access to remote work options during the pandemic and those who did not, as well as the widening disparity in job satisfaction between the two groups. Those who worked remotely were more likely to report better physical, psychological and financial health than non-remote workers.
Survey responses revealed dissatisfaction among many remote workers about the lack of consultation with them about return-to-work planning by employers.  The project also notes that a small but sizeable number of workers who did not work remotely are considering switching careers through a training or education pathway.
Since remote work is here to stay, and increasingly workers are seeking remote or hybrid work, policy discussions are needed to outline best practices for employees and workers.
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