What is LIP?

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are multi-sectoral planning tables that bring a cross-section of stakeholders together to identify ways in which to support settlement and integration of immigrants into local communities.

LIPs began as a pilot project funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in Ontario and are sup­ported by incalculable and invaluable in-kind hours and contributions from a broad reach of stakeholders from across sectors including government (all three levels), for-profit, commu­nity, funders, academia, and media.

LIPs have 4 express objectives:

  • Support better coordination in the planning and delivery of inte­gration services across multiple sectors; 
  • Provide a framework to fa­cilitate collaboration and develop and implement community-based strategic plans;
  • Strengthen local integration capacity to foster labour market access, social inclusion, and sus­tainable welcoming communities; 
  • Achieve improved outcomes as indicated by increased eco­nomic, social political and civic participation by newcomers.

 Across Ontario, 45 LIPs were rolled out between 2009-2012 focusing on a variety of catchments including 2nd and 3rd tier munici­palities, ruralities, metropolitan areas and neighbourhoods in metropolitan areas. LIPs are characterized by a strong and committed membership base and research-backed strategic action plans.