Toronto North LIP

In the north region of Toronto, four LIPs were established in the fall of 2009. These LIPs were the Bathurst-Finch LIP, Don Valley LIP, Lawrence Heights LIP and North York East LIP. Taken together, these LIPs supported settlement and immigration planning in 12 of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. In 2012, the support for LIPs in Toronto expanded into neighbourhoods formerly un-served by LIPs.
This necessitated the integration of formerly distinct LIPs under regional umbrellas. By combining the four above-described neighbourhood LIPs, Toronto North LIP was created. In addition to the former catchments served by the four LIPs, 25 new City of Toronto neighbourhoods were added to the existing 12. The below map illustrates both former and new catchment areas developed through LIP’s expansion.
This amalgamation unfolded through 3 steps: 
  1. Plenary meeting of all former neighbourhood LIP members. Bringing all former LIP members together to jointly address the impact of these changes was a critical step as it reinforced the commitment to build on LIP accomplishments to-date and gauged affinity for a new, regional scope of work.

  2. Outreach to Toronto North service providers in the new, formerly un-served catchment areas and consultations to learn about the particular challenges and resources available in these communities.

  3. Creation of the Toronto North LIP Council to steward the development and implementation of the Toronto North Settlement Strategy and Action Plan.