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Talk About 2018 Forum Report - Final

Based on discussions from last year “Talk About” forum, there was emphasis that it’s imperative for organizations to partner and work together to avoid duplication and provide complementary services that are responsive to the needs of newcomer population.


To document promising practices and lessons learned around building successful inter-sectoral partnerships; with the aim of creating more efficient and sustainable service delivery models for the newcomer population.


Talk About 2019 Forum Report - Final

The purpose of the third “Talk About” forum organized on March 27th, 2019 was to enhance participants’ awareness to mobilize equity objectives into action with the intent of improving newcomers’ access to health and social services. 

The forums was focused on following equity themes.

  • Equity informed policy and programming for agencies serving newcomers
  • Providing equitable services for newcomers


Evaluation Report_Family Health Ambassadors Project

TNLIP piloted the family health ambassadors model in 2019. The project aims to enhance newcomer access to family health services by recruiting and training frontline workers of interested member organization as ambassadors to educate clients about availability and confidentiality of family health services in Toronto. The project was evaluated at the end of 2019 and the attached report outlines the findings of the evaluation.  

Occupational Stress Reactions

Frontline social workers are affected by empathetic engagement with traumatized clients and their reports of traumatic experience. Information and resources on how to address these issues would contribute to the improved self-care of frontline workers and will result and better quality of services in the long run. 

The presentation provided at the link outlines some basic strategies for frontline workers about how to cope with work related stress and traumatic experiences. 

Talk About 2017 Forum Report - Final

Toronto is the prime destination for newcomers in Canada and more Syrian newcomers settled in Toronto during the Syrian refugees’ resettlement initiative. Many of the agencies from different sectors have adopted specific strategies and approaches to better serve their newcomer clients. A majority of mentioned strategies and approaches are successful but remain within the usage domain of mentioned agencies.