Health and Wellbeing

Community-Based Perspectives on the Political Economy of Immigrant Health: A Qualitative Study

"This research explores community-based perspectives on the political economy of immigrant health. It seeks to examine and clarify the relationship between three bodies of knowledge: the political economy perspective on population health; the academic public health literature on the health of immigrant populations in Canada; and professional knowledge related to the provision of health and social services to immigrant communities at the level of Community Health Centres in the City of Toronto."
-Vahid Shahidi, Wellesley Institute 
December 2011



Improving mental health services for immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized groups Issues and options for service improvement

"Improving services and outcomes for immigrant, refugee, ethno-cultural and racialized groups (IRER), is a common challenge for mental health systems in high income countries. The Service Systems Advisory Committee of the Mental Health Commission established a project to consider the issues and options for service improvement for IRER groups and to report to the Commission. The aim was to help their deliberations on how the goals of the Mental Health Strategy for Canada could be achieved."

Determinants of Mental Health for Newcomer Youth: Policy and Service Implications

"...This article discusses post-migration determinants of mental health for newcomer youth in Toronto and reflects on policy implications. Preliminary study findings indicate that settlement challenges and discrimination/exclusions are salient risks to the mental wellbeing of newcomer youth and their families."
- Yogendra B. Shakya, Nazilla Khanlou & Tahira Gonsalves 


The Global City: Newcomer Health in Toronto (November 2011)

"The Global City: Newcomer Health in Toronto describes the “health advantage” that most newcomers bring to Toronto, the decline in their health over time and the need to re-examine and strengthen our efforts to support newcomers, especially those whose health risks are compounded by their income level, gender, immigration status, ethno-racial background, sexual orientation or other factors."

- Toronto Public Health and Access Alliance

From Strategy to Implementation: An integration toolkit for community-based health service providers

"This toolkit is intended for those Board members and senior executives that are considering integration as a means of advancing their organization’s mission and strategy. The toolkit reviews the key phases of an integration transaction in some detail, incorporating many tools and examples from the WCSCCEY transaction."
- WoodGreen Community Services (WCS) and Community Care East York (CCEY)