Health and Wellbeing

Mapping Toronto North Services

We are working on developing a list of current services and programs that could be used by new Canadians from Syria in Toronto North, their sponsors and service providers. We hope to complete this resource by early January and present it at the info session & fair for service providers and sponsors. Please stay tuned for more details on that. We also hope to get a better understanding of what information and/or training you might need to effectively serve newcomers from Syria.


43° 41' 6.9108" N, 79° 27' 31.0248" W

Food Programs & Services

This resource was developed by the students supporting the work of the Flemingdon-Thorncliffe Food Security Network: Mariam Rasheid and Ayan Osman with the School of Social Work at the Ryerson University. The idea behind this project was to map out existing food services, programs and resources to help service providers better assist their clients experiencing food security issues by referring them to the appropriate services.

Review of Recreation Services

It is not surprising that recreation was identified as one of the key priorities for newcomer health and wellbeing and was included in the Toronto North Settlement Strategy. Recreation helps people stay healthy and live longer. It is a proven therapeutic tool that helps to restore physical, mental and social capacities and abilities. The value of recreation for newcomers cannot be overestimated. By engaging in recreation activities newcomers decrease the negative effects of stress caused by immigration and settlement, make new connections and become a part of the community.

Recreational Services in Our Neighbourhood- Newcomer Research & Advocacy Project Report

In 2012 Fairview Resident Action Group sought to create a project to build a case for positive change in their neighbourhood. After a series of meetings the group decided to focus on the accessibility of recreational programming in the Fairview neighbourhood. In 2013, the resident group embarked on recreation research and advocacy project. The 12-month project in North York East focused on identifying and advocating for residential recreation interests and needs. The project results are presented in the enclosed report. 

Survey & Training Report: Frontline Workers' Training Needs in Mental Health, Addictions and Cultural Competence

The analysis of frontline workers’ (38 respondents) training needs in mental health, addictions and cultural competence undertaken by Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership in the winter of 2013 showed that there is an enormous demand for such training opportunities, notwithstanding the fact that 80% of the study participants have previously participated in some mental health training.