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Mental Health Navigation Tool & Ambassadors Projects Report

This report provides information on two projects – Mental Health Navigation Tool and Mental Health Ambassadors – planned and implemented by the inter-agency workgroup that included four Toronto Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs), Toronto Newcomer Office, Hong Fook Mental Health Association, “” social enterprise and Toronto Public Health. The projects were implemented in 2016-2017 without any financial investments.

The report includes information on the history of the projects, and describes the rationale, implementation stages and project results.

Council Meetings - April & June

The TNLIP Council met on April 26th and June 20th, 2017th. In response to the members’ request, the meeting locations were changed and a different format was introduced. The Council meetings will now be held in different neighbourhoods and will start with workgroup meetings leading to the plenary (presentations, etc.). The members’ updates have also been added to the Council meeting agenda. The June 20th meeting was held in a new format at the Parkway Forest Community Centre.


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what is it?

A network of mental health professionals in Toronto that want to share their knowledge with the frontline staff of settlement, employment and other organizations to assist them in providing quality services to newcomers that may experience mental health issues. We are expecting to engage 10-12 professionals for the pilot.


43° 41' 6.9108" N, 79° 27' 31.0248" W

Referral to Employment Supports Survey Results

The Toronto North LIP conducted a survey to:

  • explore employment supports for internationally-trained professionals and to identify gaps within these programs
  • identify employer engagement practices used by employment service providers and 
  • identify available employment support services and gaps from the perspective of seniors, LGBTQ, people with mental and physical disabilities and other vulnerable groups. 

Our findings are presented in this report.