Employment and Labour Market Integration

Champion Employers

Champion Employers

Several previous studies have suggested that growth of the Canadian labour force will soon rely entirely on immigration. Dr. Michael R. Bloom, Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy at The Conference Board of Canada, in his presentation at the 2015 Canadian Immigration Summit, April 13-14, 2015, estimated that by 2035, Canada will need 350,000 annually to meet its workforce needs.

Collaborative Approaches_Don Valley Employment Solutions (DVES)

The Toronto Employment & Social Services in partnership with Local Immigration Partnership (North Toronto LIP), Employment Ontario, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office (TNO), Labour Education Centre (LEC), Skills for Change (SFC), and Centre for Education and Training (CET) collaborated to implement a workforce development strategy to bring employers and local area job seekers together in filling the ongoing employment opportunities available. 

Recreational Services in Our Neighbourhood- Newcomer Research & Advocacy Project Report

In 2012 Fairview Resident Action Group sought to create a project to build a case for positive change in their neighbourhood. After a series of meetings the group decided to focus on the accessibility of recreational programming in the Fairview neighbourhood. In 2013, the resident group embarked on recreation research and advocacy project. The 12-month project in North York East focused on identifying and advocating for residential recreation interests and needs. The project results are presented in the enclosed report. 

March 28 All-Council Meeting

On March 28 Toronto North LIP held an All-Council meeting. The Toronto North Settlement Strategy and Action Plan were unveiled and well-received. We had great conversations about how to embark on implementing the Settlement Action Plan and we had a chance to learn about changes to the immigration system that could affect your services and ability to support newcomers through their settlement process. 

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