Urgent and emerging Newcomer Needs survey during the COVID-19 Emergency Toronto, Ontario – August 2020

From the Document: This needs assessment provides a snapshot in time of urgent newcomer needs in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information was collected with a survey that ran in July, 2020. 101 surveys were completed by representatives of 66 organizations located throughout the GTA. Survey respondents were representatives of community service organizations (settlement, health, mental health, employment, etc) and school boards. They were asked to note specific emergent newcomer needs in the categories listed below. The answers are summarized in this document.
This information is a snapshot in time. The same survey was administered in April 2020. You can find it HERE. 
If you have any questions about this needs assessment, about services available in your area, please contact Kaitlin Murray, TNLIP Manager, E-mail: kaitlin@torontonorthlip.ca