Toronto North Settlement Action Plan

This Action Plan is the result of broad and deep thinking and collaborative action by Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP) stakeholders over the last three years. It reflects the ongoing dialogue that TNLIP members have had about the assets of newcomers in Toronto North communities, the challenges they

face, and how newcomers can be best supported to make contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of Toronto, Ontario and Canada.
The Toronto North quadrant has many diverse groups and stakeholders that bring their own unique needs and viewpoints when it comes to newcomer settlement and integration. During the course of planning, focus was placed on articulating how TNLIP can best create change. Despite limited resources, multiple needs and a complex system environment, TNLIP will streamline efforts that can best result in meeting the needs of newcomers and the communities they live in. As a result, strategic priorities have emerged through the planning process.
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