Survey & Training Report: Frontline Workers' Training Needs in Mental Health, Addictions and Cultural Competence

The analysis of frontline workers’ (38 respondents) training needs in mental health, addictions and cultural competence undertaken by Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership in the winter of 2013 showed that there is an enormous demand for such training opportunities, notwithstanding the fact that 80% of the study participants have previously participated in some mental health training.

Most respondents felt frustrated with the current “patchwork” mental health care system and supports and identified a number of opportunities for further development, among which more training for frontline staff in mental health issue identification, self-care and system navigation.

Based on the study results, a training module on “Mental Health, Addictions and Cultural Competence” was developed by an independent mental health professional and training facilitator, Nene Kwasi Kafele. The training was offered twice to frontline workers of agencies serving immigrants (settlement, employment, language schools, etc.). 

To learn about our findings and recommendations from survey and training participants, please read the enclosed report.