Citizenship Test Preparation Course Program Model

"Since 2008, a new citizenship test was implemented that has resulted in increased failure rates compared with previous versions of the test. An environmental scan from the Toronto North Local Immigration Partnership (TNLIP) indicated that various settlement agencies and other organizations (e.g., school boards) were offering Citizenship Test Preparation Courses in various formats. However, the number was few and several were being discontinued.
Through consultation with five agencies providing the Citizenship Test Preparation Course, a program model to support program expansion and evaluation was created. The program model provides a description of the components and underlying assumptions of a program. The main goal of the Citizenship Test Preparation Course is two-fold.
Goal area 1: Increased rate of participants passing the Citizenship Test and
Goal area 2: Increased prevalence of civic and community engagement.
The Citizenship Test Preparation Course program model is recommended as a viable and successful way to support newcomers to pass the mandatory Citizenship Test. Early implementation evaluation indicates that the Course is successful in improving participants’ scores on mock tests. We recommend that there is further work to:
1. Incorporate the modularized curriculum into current and existing programming in the settlement sector
2. Expand the reach of the course into new agencies and spaces through partnership development or offering the course on a fee-for-service basis
3. Explore ways to centralize volunteer training and curriculum development to ensure that agencies of various sizes and capacities have the technical skills and resources to run the program."