The North York East Neighbourhood


The North York East area is located in the far north of the City of Toronto, between the Scarborough Agincourt city ward in the east and the Willowdale city ward in the west. The boundaries for this project are Steeles Avenue to the north, Highway 401 to the south, Victoria Avenue East to the east and the Don Valley River to the west. These boundaries enclose an area that includes eighteen census tracts and four city neighbourhoods: Henry Farm, Don Valley Village, Pleasant View and Hillcrest Village. Three of the four neighbourhoods belong to Ward 33 (Don Valley East). Hillcrest Village belongs to Ward 24 (Willowdale East).
The North York East LIP is a major residential area and is home to over 27,465 households. There are numerous commercial & service sites located here, including 11 shopping-complex developments. The most notable commercial space in the area is the Fairview Mall plaza, which is located on the north-east corner of Sheppard Ave East and Don Mills Road, and features over 150 retail outlets.
The area contains many local institutions, including 30 TDSB & TCDSB school sites, North York General Hospital and a Seneca College campus. There are over 40 designated City of Toronto parks & parkettes located here. There are two large urban mixed use spaces located in the south east and north east corners of the LIP catchment area. These areas contain a combination of light industrial, office, commercial and community service facilities.

The North York East Strategic Plan has been developed around six areas of focus: Information & Outreach; Civic Engagement; Collaboration & Capacity Building; Language Training & Supports; Labour Market; and Health Services. Six working groups will be established to address these areas of focus. In-depth directions for each working group are outlined in the main body of this report (attached). 



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